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18th October, 2021

Resource Person: Dr. Namita Pathak

SVIMS NSS team coordinated with the Red Cross India and St. Gadge Maharaj Vasti Samaj  Mandir to conduct a session on menstrual hygiene for women at Gadge Maharaj Vasti on 18  October 2021.  

Dr. Namita Pathak accompanied the SVIMS Faculty and NSS team. She was invited to conduct  the session which she graciously accepted. Dr. Abhijeet Kaiwade, HOD, SVIMS, Sonali Joshi,  Assistant Professor,  along with student coordinators arranged and coordinated for the session  for the women population. Dr. Pathak effectively communicated the need and necessity of  menstrual hygiene. She made effective use of models that reflected various menstrual products – traditional as well as the newly introduced ones. She also emphasized on the effective birth  control solutions available for enhanced family planning.  

The attendees were also informed about various governmental schemes available for family  planning and maintaining menstrual health and hygiene.  

Towards the end, there was an open house session kept for the attendees to ask any of their  queries. The attendees were thanked with a cup of tea at the end of the event and informal  interactions.

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