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22nd December, 2021

Resource Person: Constable Samarth Shide, The Police Representative

NSS - Community Outreach Program  

With Director’s permission and guidance, the Koragaon Park Police Station was approached  for permission to hold a rally from the Institute to the Gadge Maharaj Vasti. The students blew  the whistles throughout the rally with the slogan “Jab Dekho Koi Atyachaar, Seeti Bajao Shor  Machao”.  

On reaching the Vasti, the students walked in the by lanes of the Vasti, attracting the residents’  attention and asking them to come and watch the street play. The students then performed on  the street which captured the attention of women and children alike.  

The Police Representative, Constable Samarth Shide, helped in controlling the traffic so that  our goal could be achieved.  The Rally returned to SVIMS with a feeling of contentment,  having shared with women at the Vasti the need to be self-dependent for her children’s and her  own security. The message given to everyone was that silence gives wings to abusers.  Therefore, to voice injustice is important.

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