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Poshan Pakhwada

21st March to 4th April, 2022

Addressing, identification and celebration of Healthy Child and Integration of modern and  traditional practices for healthy India, organizing Poshan Panchayats were the key focus areas  for Poshan Pakhwada, 2022.  

Activities were planned during the month of March as an initiative response to the pressing  concern on malnutrition, stunting, anaemia, low birth weight and other nutrition related  problems with an aim to raise awareness and improve nutritional index of women and children  at Sant Gadge Maharaj Vasti, Koregaon Park, Pune. Such activities help children, adolescents,  pregnant women and lactating mothers by leveraging guidance through targeted approach and  convergence.  

List of activities performed during Poshan Pakhwada - 2021  

  •  Measurement of Height and Weight of Children under 6 years who are beneficiaries in  the Sant Gadge Maharaj Vasti (slum area of Koregaon Park) along with Anganwadi tai.  

  •  Activities focused on Gender Sensitive Water Management and generating awareness  in women about the importance of water conservation and promoting rainwater harvesting  structures including in SVIMS.  

  • Prevention and treatment of Anaemia in children and adolescent girls  

  •  Testing of Anaemia for children and adolescent girls with individual counselling by Dr  Dilip Pardeshi. 

  •  Promoting traditional food for healthy mother and child

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