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Parenting a Plant (Environmental Conservation)

Resource Person: Ms. Sonali Joshi

Under  the direction of Ms. Sonali Joshi, students took the initiative of “parenting” a plant as  part of their “Go Green” campaign. The purpose of this exercise was to instil a sense of  obligation towards nature and teach participants how to care for a plant as a mother would for  one of her children, in addition to planting trees. Students were required to visit a nursery and  buy a sapling as part of this exercise, which helped them learn about the various types of plants.  Additionally, students studied plant grafting methods. Each student had to take care of their  own Plant, water it regularly, and keep track of its development as part of the exercise.  Every plant had a unique style of growing, and every plant used a distinct amount of water. All  of the students took part with great enthusiasm. Each student left this programme with a sense  of responsibility for the environment and the need to preserve it. “Hope grows where flowers  do,” they say.

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