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Nurturing Entrepreneurship in Children at Maher, Vadgaonsheri

12th July, 2021

Resource Person: Mr. Advait Kurlekar, CEO, Upohan Management Consultants

 12th July, 2021  

An Entrepreneurship Workshop was organised to help build self-confidence and encourage  self-employment in adolescent girls at Maher Children’s Home at Vadgaonsheri,. Mr. Advait  Kurlekar, CEO, Upohan Management Consultants, the resource person took the 25 young  participants on a journey of seeding a business idea. He used a blend of languages to  communicate with the participants along with relatable examples. He elaborated the entire  process with candles as a product, which these kids were making at Maher. The session was  highly appreciated by the authorities and the participants.  

Time: 2 pm to 3:30 pm  

No. of Adolescent Girls from Maher- 25 (Age Group- 15 to 20 years)  

Maher, Vadgaonsheri  

27th July,2021  

Students donated grains and snacks for Maher Children’s Home at Vadgaonsheri.   

Maher Vatsalydham, Wagholi  

27th July,2021  

The institute engaged in a donation drive, where students donated Pidilite Soft Fabric Colors  for Production Workshop and Books for Children for Maher Vatsalydham, Wagholi. The  donations were handed over to the ashram office at Maher Children’s Home at Vadgaonsheri  on 27th July 2021 by Ms. Bindiya R and Ms. Sanyukta B. The ashram officials were  appreciative of the training workshop held on 9th July 2021 and the follow up supply of material  needed for the art taught which they can now use in their production workshop.  

St. Hildas High School  

28th July,2021  

The students contributed money for donation of stationary to orphan girls at St. Hildas High  School, Guruwar Peth, Pune. A total of thirty seven, 200 pages notebooks, twenty two, 100  pages long notebooks and fifteen, 200 pages long books were donated.    

No. of school girls – 15  

No. of Staff Members Participating – 1  

No. of Students Participating – 3  

St Michael’s Old Age Home  

28th July, 2021  

The institute engaged in a need assessment exercise at St Michael’s Old Age Home and Hostel.  It was identified that they need some basic medicines, pain relief creams and sanitary pads for  the inmates. Thus, the institute donated pain relief creams, liquid antacid, cough syrups and  sanitary pads to the old age home. The authorities were grateful upon receiving the contribution  as they were struggling for basic medical supplies for the old and the aged ever since the  pandemic had started.  

No. of Senior Citizens – 30  

Ishaprema Niketan  

29th July 2021  

We organised lunch for 35  inmates [ all of them being senior citizens] of Ishaprema Niketan,  Rastapeth Pune. The lunch was sponsored by Sadhu Vaswani Mission.   

No. of Senior Citizens – 35

Lila Parulekar Welfare Trust, Queen’s Garden, Pune  

29th July, 2021  

The institute engaged in a need assessment at the local dog house [ for strays] at Queens  Garden, Lila Parulekar Welfare Trust and supplied brooms, floor cleansers and detergents and  turmeric powder used for treating ailing animals.

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