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National Voters’ Day

25th January, 2022

Resource Person: Dr Abhijeet Kaiwade

Dr Abhijeet Kaiwade started the program by welcoming all the staff members and  students.  Students read out the Voters' Pledge in English,  Hindi and Marathi.  Dr Abhijeet  shared information about the rights of voters and the importance of citizens exercising their  rights dutifully and being accountable for their decisions / selections. Celebration of National  Voters Day is undertaken to commemorate the Foundation Day of the Election Commission of  India [established on 25th January 1950]    

An online poll revealed that 35 % of the students do not have voter ID. Dr Abhijeet  demonstrated how one can apply for the same on  

Although the election process cannot be replicated, as a token of practical demonstration of  elections, Dr Diya Lakhani asked students to contest for elections of Class Representatives and  the Diretor, Dr. B. Nanwani asked the contesting candidates to pitch for their selection and  present a blueprint of proposed class activities and agenda. Students would then be requested  to cast their votes in favour of the contesting candidates.

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