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National Girl Child Day

24th January, 2022

On the National Girl Child Day, Dr Abhijeet Kaiwade started the program with Rev. Dada J P  Vaswani’s Quote ‘Woman is the architecture of the new generation. Woman is a symbol of  shakti. It is this woman – soul that will rebuild the shattered world with the strength of her  intuition, her purity and faith in prayer. The woman – soul shall lead us upward, on!’   

In the program following students spoke about eminent women personalities.    

Ms Kaniz spoke about Dr Anandibai Joshi, First Lady Indian doctor. In her narration she  explained the motivational factor of her life and straggles to become India’s First lady Doctor.   

Ms Joytika narrated story of First Woman Prime Minister of India Ms Indira Gandhi. She also  spoke about her achievements as a woman leader.    

Ms Vipashana narrated the story of the First Muslim woman teacher - Fatima Shaikh. Fatima  Shaikh and her brother had graciously given their spaces to Mrs. Savitribai Phule to open the  first school for girls.    

Ms Gunjan narrated the story of Savitribai Phule, who set milestones in girls' education and  thanked her for enabling education of girls.    

Faculty members, Dr Divya, Ms Vaishali, Ms Sonali also shared their experiences of how as  girls they were supported by their family members to pursue higher education. Ms Parishweta  Gulhane also shared her experience and guidance from her family members - she proudly  acclaimed that her father wished to spend money on her education rather than giving her dowry.   

The stories narrated clearly indicated the need, importance and success of the education girls.  Within a girl child could lie the potential of her becoming an achiever, a successful leader,  writer, scientist, doctor etc. What is important is to provide her an ecosystem for education -  this will then provide her the wind beneath her wings and help her soar high.

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