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Lunch for Maher Vatsalydham, Warli Art Training at Maher Vatsalydham…. Wagholi

9th July, 2021

Resource Person: Dr Smita Iyer


Activities on 9th July 2021  

  1. Lunch for Maher Vatsalydham  The institute organized a sumptuous lunch with Masalebath, Aloo Tomato Bhaji, Sooji Shira  and Banana for the inmates of Maher Vatsalydham, Wagholi. This service was sponsored by  Sadhu Vaswani Mission for the group of destitute women, orphaned children, emotionally  disturbed men and women and senior citizens. The food was relished and their satisfaction was  expressed through the blessings and eyes filled with tears of joys. Tears of joy- as they had not  had this kind of a spread of food since the lockdown was announced.  No. of members offered lunch- 300 (Males, Females and Children)

  2. Warli Art Training at Maher Vatsalydham, Wagholi   A Warli Art Training for trainers at Maher Vatsalydham, Wagholi was organised by the  institute in association with Pidilite. Ms Harshali Chandgadkar conducted the training for 2  supervisors and 8 young trainers of the production center. The training was a value add as the  participants were unaware of wet-on-wet fabric painting technique and were excited about the  new Warli art designs shared by the trainer.   Time: 12 pm to 1 pm  No. of members at Maher – 10 trainers (Males and Females)

  3.  Chocolate Ganpati Making Training – Promoting Sustainability [Maher  Vatsalydham], Wagholi  A Chocolate Ganpati and Choco-Dip Cookie Making Workshop was conducted by Dr Smita  Iyer for female inmates at Maher Vatsalydham, Wagholi. The trainer used basic tools and  equipment available in the kitchen for creating different parts of Ganpati Bappa. The activity  was enjoyed by the women and they assured us of making these sustainable Ganpati Bappas  instead of using POP statues for the upcoming festival. This was followed by a session on  Choco-Dip Cookie Making. The trainer shared the commercials to build an understanding of  making this an enterprising endeavor for these destitute women.    Time: 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm 

  4.  Maher Vatsalydham, Wagholi  The members of the institute engaged in collection of old clothes. These were donated to Maher  Vatsalydham, Wagholi for using them in the Production Workshop which promotes  sustainability by using old clothes to make door mats, bags etc. They use these clothes in  designing therapy activities for their mentally disturbed inmates.  5 bags of clothes were  donated by the institute for this sustainable endeavor.

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