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Garba Celebrations at a Community School with an NGO

4th October, 2022

Resource Person: Ms. Salomi Gore and Ms. Namrata Nagpal


Venue Maharshi Annasaheb Shinde Primary School  

No. of  Students at the school: 225   

SVIMS Volunteers: 02  

Jetline Foundation works in various spheres of societal upliftment. One of their projects  involves working with children from very low economic backgrounds. To bring in the Navratri  spirit and celebrations, Jetline Foundation approached SVIMS for student volunteers to  celebrate Navratri and Garba with the school children. Ms. Salomi Gore and Ms. Namrata  Nagpal represented SVIMS at the event with Jetline Foundation.  

Ms. Namrata Nagpal presented a solo folk dance. Ms. Salomi Gore sang a traditional song.  Both the students then taught few basic garba steps to all the children and the other attendees.  Once the music began, the whole school premises was reverberating with the sound of music  and laughter.  

A goodie bag of drawing material was distributed to each child.

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