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E- Waste Drive

30th May, 2022

Resource Person: Dr. Divya Lakhani, HOD, SVIMS

E-waste is any electrical or electronic equipment that’s been discarded. This includes working  and broken items that are thrown in the garbage or donated to a charity resellers. E-waste is  particularly dangerous due to toxic chemicals that naturally come out from the metals inside  when burnt. If a product is powered electronically and someone thinks they can create a better  version, that contributes to e-waste. Today, technological advances have led to numerous  electronic devices that though may still be working fine but are considered obsolete – DVD  players, floppy, pen drives, mobile phones just to name a few. SVIMS, believing in the  sustainable development goals and itself contributing towards a sustainable environment,  conducted an E-waste collection drive on 30th May 2022.  

SVIMs collaborated with Swachh, Pune for collection of the E-waste. There was approx.  200kgs of E-waste collected by the students and staff. The students approached their societies  and friends to ensure a considerable amount of E-waste was collected.  

The collection was then donated at Swachh center in Aundh to be processed further in the most  sustainable way. Dr. Divya Lakhani, HOD, SVIMS, visited the center along with the collection.  

The activity also made the students realize the amount of e-waste that is generated in each  household but goes unnoticed. They discussed with the faculty as to how, before participating  in this activity, they were oblivious to even small things such as battery cells being bought and  disposed. Many of them mentioned about shifting to rechargeable batteries as they were more  sustainable.

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