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Diwali Celebrations at Shantai Foundation with Sadhu Vaswani Mission

21st October, 2022

Resource Person: Shantai Foundation


Venue Shantai Foundation, Yerawada  

No. of Participants Students: 01 Faculty: 05 Children: 200  

Shantai Foundation works towards providing better future to the young children of the vasti.  These are the children who in their tender age have seen many hardships and need tender loving  and care. Statistics show that if young children are not properly guided and nurtured in their  formative years, then the probability of them turning into criminals becomes high. Shantai  Foundation endeavours to contribute to development of children into responsible citizens of  the country.  

5 Faculty members along with the Sadhu Vaswani Mission coordinators went to Shantai  Foundation to celebrate Diwali with the children of the nearby dwellings.  

All the children were divided into two groups of girls and boys. The faculty members then  teamed up as per the groups and started distributing the clothes to the children. The age of the  children ranged from 2 to 18 years.  

After this, joy packets consisting of juice, sweets and savoury items were distributed to the  children. Ration kits were also distributed.  

During the fun activity time, a few of the students sang songs and recited poems. Everyone  then settled down to have a sumptuous breakfast and tea. It was a morning of gratitude,  reverence and thanking the Almighty for His benevolence.  

Roshan Diwali to all.

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