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Blood Donation Camp

25th November, 2021

Drop of life- a Blood Donation Campaign  

To pay homage to our Revered Founder, Sadhu T L Vaswani on his Birth Anniversary, we  organized the Blood Donation campaign. This campaign was in association with the Indian  Red Cross Society. One of our other objectives was also to engage the nearby community  through this campaign. We all had read it in the news that Pune is in dire need of blood since  we as a city have blood reserves of only 5 days. That is where the Students’ Council came up  with the idea of paying homage to our revered Founder by helping those in need of blood. A  total of 23 people came to donate blood while, 17 were eligible and thus, donated it. The  employees of Leadec India Pvt Ltd, a comprehensive services provider participated and  donated blood enthusiastically via this campaign.

Tuesday, 22nd November 2021  

On the occasion of Revered Founder Sadhu TL Vaswani, SVIMS paid its obeisance by making  donations to three NGOs/ centres in Pune.  

Donation of Food Items at MAHER  

SVIMS donated food grains to MAHER Ashram, devoted to helping destitute children, women  and men from all over India to exercise their rights to a higher quality of life. .  

The students and faculty donated food grains and items such as salt, pulses, biscuits, sugar,  rice, oil, wheatflour and tea leaves. A faculty member also donated clothes. The students and  faculty also spent time with the children and women at MAHER and involved themelves in  various activities.

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