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Towards becoming the Store Manager

20 March 2021

Resource Person: Mr. Amol Mehsram, Assistant Store Manager at a Reliance Retail Store

Mr. Amol Mehsram, was invited for a virtual interview to know the practical applications of basic terminologies under the subject of Marketing. He was asked a series of questions ranging from the start of his career to his current position. His responses enlightened us on the vital role that visual merchandising plays for inside store promotion. He further told us a key promotional strategy used by Godrej Nature’s Basket of approaching institutional customers during festive periods in India and making a sale of minimum of 5 L to one customer at a time. One of the questions also asked him to differentiate between working at Nature’s Basket and Reliance Retail. In reply to this question, he said that the procedures followed are different, for e.g.: At Reliance, he is required to first review the inventory available while at Godrej, a team meeting was conducted. While Godrej was also engaged into selling customized platters to institutional customers, Reliance focuses on end consumers’ everyday needs. Hence, the interaction with these different types of customers also was different respectively. He also threw light on involvement of a Store Manager in decisions relating to Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning. All in all, this session gave us a perspective on range of concepts of Marketing and gave us an opportunity to connect on practical projects with Reliance Retail.

Towards becoming the Store Manager
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