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Investment Awareness Program on Capital Market

15 February 2021

Resource Person: Mr. Amogh Gothoskar, Trainer, NSE and BSE

Mr. Amogh Gothoskar Trainer NSE and BSE was invited to conduct session on ‘Investment Awareness Program on Capital Market’. With apt examples, he explained financial terms of Capital gain, Asset allocation, equity shares, debentures, mutual funds and fixed deposits. Further, he said, while investing one should take into consideration factors such as, Goal of investment, Individual priorities, Liquidity, Tax benefits, and Transaction costs. He also added that before investing in any scheme one should verify all credentials of the organization or the person one is dealing with.

He advised taking the following precautions while dealing with the stock market:
1. Deal with only registered brokers/sub brokers
2. Receive contract notes from your broker
3. Do not be misled by market rumors, hot tips etc.
4. Do not be attracted to stocks, based on what internet websites promote (Do your study)
5. Be especially cautious when there are sudden spurts in stock prices

Investment Awareness Program on Capital Market
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