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CRM in Hospitality Industry

10 June 2021

Resource Person: Mr. Narendra Mansukhani, an Executive Leader

Mr. Narendra Mansukhani, an Executive Leader whose last held position was as the Global Head-Customer Services at VFX Global took up this topic from scratch. Before he shared the CRM strategies that he implemented and the systems he set up, he first took the students through the basic concepts of CRM. Slowly building the momentum, he went on to tell everyone about how the departments under CRM were fragmented and how they have now been integrated.
He emphasised the importance of technology management in CRM equally. People Management is now enhanced by Technology Management in Hospitality. Before the QnA session, he gave us a summary of his 26 years stint at Oberoi Hotel, Jet Airways and VFX Global and a few below mentioned remarkable initiatives he had taken at these organisations were:

1. Training the employees at VFX Global for a transition in their mindset of considering a lead as a Customer rather than a Client
2. Implementation of organisation-wide CRM automation

CRM in Hospitality Industry
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