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Asian Paints – Journeying into the Unexpected

14 December 2020

Resource Person: Mr. Sarvashreshtha Chaudhary, AID Services Vertical, Asian Paints

Mr. Choudhary talked about his work experience and how doing MBA has helped him in shaping his career. He further talked about the strategies of the company and also gave Insights on how Asian Paints is driven by Consumers. This is the secret of its innovations and success.

He explained how the company had introduced paints for bathroom, kitchen, wardrobe etc. in line with changing consumer demands and preferences. He also spoke of how marketing techniques, distribution, data and determination (how they provide their products to their suppliers) is again aligned to suit customer preferences. It is these innovations and integration that has helped the growth of Asian Paints.

Asian Paints – Journeying into the Unexpected
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