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3 Days Workshop on GST

8th to 10th February, 2019

Resource Person: CA Nilesh Saboo, CA Aishwarya Gundecha, CA Nagesh Jadhav

Career Counselling Group (CCG), ICAI jointly with Pune Branch of WIRC of ICAI and Pune Branch of WICASA of ICAI

Day 1 : 8th February, 2019

CA Nilesh Saboo, Partner, BS & Co. LLP, Pune introduced the concept of GST, Journey of GST, Importance, Difference between Direct Tax and Indirect Tax, Concept of SGST, CGST and IGST, Supply,Levy & Collection of GST, Place of Supply, Time and Value of Supply, Input Service Distributor etc.

Day 2: 9th February, 2019

CA Aishwarya explained the entire Registration process for GST and the sections pertaining to it, cancellation of the Registration process, Tax Invoice, how the records of the various transactions are to be maintained, GST Returns with the details of the various GSTR forms that are available and how they are to be filed electronically on the government portal, Payment of tax under GST, screenshots of the online portal that has been designed for use and ease, frauds, precautions to be taken while in the process and fines and penalties charged in case of a default made under the GST process. Her explanation was interspersed with suitable examples, case studies, flow charts, diagrams and small games to help better understanding of concepts.

Day 3 : 10thFebruary, 2019

CA Nagesh Jadhav, Laxmi Kumaran & Sridharan Attorneys, discussed and supported with examples, concepts related to Input Tax Credit, ITC Process Miscellaneous: Penalties, Transitional Provisions, Logistics and other provisions.

In addition, all speakers took up small games to keep students engaged and enhance absorption of concepts. The speakers also enlightened the students on emerging roles in shamain various sectors of the economy.

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