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Critical Thinking

28th September, 2018

Resource Person: Mr Dilip Bhonde, Vice President, KPIT, Pune

Mr Dilip. S.Bhonde, a versatile, high profiled person with a vast experience spanning over 33 years was invited to conduct a workshop on “Critical Thinking”. He detailed out the theory of critical thinking and its application as given by Mr. Edward De Bono of Cognitive Research Trust (CoRT).

During the workshop he also conducted three activities on Mind Mapping based on the PMI (Plus, Minus, Interest) which is a directional tool for better establishment of goals. Mr. Bhonde also explained the concepts of “The Six Thinking Hats” Technique for “clarity in vision” through a very simple activity. Towards the end of the session he emphasized on the power of thinking and stated the two core values of thinking i.e.

● Learning to learn

● Thinking to think

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