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Methods of Raising Funds in International Markets

13th March, 2019

Resource Person: CA Pooja Gandhi, Financial and Business Consultant, Kirtane and Pandit Chartered Accountants, Pune

In her session, CA Pooja stated that corporates prefer to raise funds in international market because funds are available at lower interest rates and companies get tax benefits. If a company’s capital structure involves international funds then such a company also receives global recognition. Further she said while raising funds, companies should take into consideration market conditions such as international pricing standards, market liquidity for firm securities, applicable laws and level of regulation, industry knowledge and best practices etc. She explained the concept of ADR and GDR citing examples of Bajaj Auto, ICICI Bank, State Bank of India.

She ended her talk by stating that legal advisors and company’s management plays a very important role in the entire international capital raising process to ensure its success.

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