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Workshop on IPR

10th June, 2022

Resource Person: Mr. Nilesh Pandit
Dr. Bharati Dole

The first speaker Mr. Nilesh Pandit explained what is idea, innovation creativity and discovery. Further the speaker explained about registered Mark and Trade Mark. The students were explained how IPR is important. Mr. Nilesh also explained the process of IPR filling and how it is done at TCS.

Dr. Bharati Dole was the next speaker. She explained the various jargons associated with IPR. She explained how IPR is important with regards to marketing perspectives. She explained that when Company go on filing more and more patents that company’s share price goes on increasing.

Students learned how different intellectual property rights are used in different companies such as: Geox Shoes, Mamearth and Haier. Students interacted with the Guest speakers and asked her questions which she graciously answered.

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