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The Financial Strengths and Challenges of Women Entrepreneurs in India

28th August, 2021

Guest Lecture: Ms. Aditi Khot, Founder of Des Rangeela, Pune

SVIMS, under the aegis of the Entrepreneurship Cell, had invited Ms. Aditi Khot, Founder of Des Rangeela, Pune, for a Guest Lecture.

Aditi is a young Social entrepreneur who is working towards connecting the rural handicraft industry to the urban markets. She is working towards bridging the gap between modern India and the rural handicraft heritage that is the treasure trove of our country.

Aditi shared her entrepreneurial journey experiences with the attendees. She touched upon various obstacles the young girls, who want to become entrepreneurs, face in their familial and societal environment, especially those who come from rural background.

‘Des Rangeela’ is a Pune city based Social Enterprise that works for providing Sustainable livelihood to Indian Artisans, aiming to preserve Indian culture, strengthen local communities & economy. Established in 2017, Des Rangeela has grown tremendously and is now ready to enter into ecommerce business.

Being from a humble background herself, Aditi addressed the financial strengths and challenges that woman entrepreneurs have to deal with in their businesses. She emphasized upon the need to have clarity, passion and adhere to the routine and discipline so as to meet the set goals. Self- doubting may be good as it helps to push the limits to perform better. She motivated the students to broaden their horizons and spread their wings and not be afraid of taking risks. 

Aditi also touched upon the gender issues that become a part of the woman entrepreneur’s journey and how does she deal with such situations. “I cannot run away and close my business and leave my goal because of these incidences. Therefore, I find a way through them.”

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