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Talking Entrepreneurship

3rd October 2020

Resource Persons:
• Mr. Raman Nanda – Founder and CEO STEP Transformations
• Prof. Deepak Dheer – Professor and Management Consultant
• Ms. Akanksha Dharmani – Founder Athas and Alumna of SVIMS
• Mr. Advait Kurlekar (Panel Moderator) – CEO, Upohan Management Consultants

The panel discussion started with the quote “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them” - Walt Disney. This panel discussion in association with Tie consisted of three eminent panellists and one moderator who shared experiences of their business venture. All the panellist strongly suggested that students should take up entrepreneurship as a career as it truly empowers an individual and further that it should be pursued as early as possible in one’s career.

While taking about qualities of an entrepreneur, all panellists focused on following points:

  1. It is necessary to sell your original idea.

  2. To be a through professional

  3. Focus on substance, un focus on noise.

  4. To be reliable

  5. Delivery of commitments on time.

  6. Do market research, find the gaps and modify your idea if necessary.

  7. Planning is the key

  8. Don’t be afraid of failures, mistakes can happen, learns from it. 

It gave us an overview of how entrepreneurship is already a part of our lives and that we should go for it if we have the passion and mindset.

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