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Credit Management and Bank lending for Entrepreneurs

12th June, 2021

by Ms. Meenakshi, Branch Head, Karur Vysya Bank Ltd, Bengaluru

Ms. Meenakshi, Branch Head, Karur Vysya Bank Ltd, Bengaluru was invited to speak on the topic “Credit Management and Bank Lending”. She started the session explaining financial system and components of Indian Financial System. Further she explained day to day banking activities and banking allied operations. She then headed to the second main topic- Credit Management Process in which she gave information related to criteria for granting of credit, terms of the credit, credit recovery procedure, compliances related to the credit and how revenue and profits are earned on credit. She gave valuable information about CIBIL score which is one of the important bases for lending loans. She also explained how loans become NPAs (Non-Performing Assets).   

At the end she enlightened students about various career opportunities available in banking sector such as, Investment Banking, Business Banking, Retail/ Consumer Banking, Portfolio/Asset Management, Wealth Management/ Private Banking, Personal Finance, Accounting and Audit Services, Financial Consulting, Corporate Finance etc.

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