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Online Workshop on Applying for Research Grant

30th March, 2023

Prof. D. Vishnumurty, Dean Aditya Institute of Technology and Management and Chief Coordinator of ED cell and Business Incubation Center was the resource person for the workshop.

First, he shared his views on the current management research. He said that contemporary management research played an important role in businesses and business growth. In the second part of his lecture, he elaborated on the various governmental funding agencies like AICTE, UGC, EDII, DST and non-governmental bodies like Skill Development Corporation of India and State Departments. He described various available schemes of the governmental and non-governmental bodies, where Management Faculty can apply for funding. He explained about grants for faculty Training, Quality Improvement program, Research Promotion, Idea Lab, Conferences, Major and Minor Research Projects.

The next part of his session dealt with writing research proposals. He emphasized that focus should be on a clear objective, relevance of the outcome, a well-defined timeline and detailed budget with justification wherever required. He further explained the importance of a research eco-system in an Institute with internet and library resources like journals and e-resources available for research purpose, affiliation or membership to bodies like AIMA and mentors for research study guidance. He mentioned that Institutes applying for Grants need to be listed under UGC 2 (f) 12(B).

He explained the process of application for the funds. He mentioned that the processes and funding availability are mentioned on the websites of various funding agencies. He concluded by reiterating ethics in research.

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