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Careers in Marketing-Marketing in Relation to People, Process & Technology

Resource Person: Mr. Siddharth Sabari

Careers in Marketing-Marketing in Relation to People, Process & Technology

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Mr. Siddharth Sabari started with opportunities that technology offers in the field of Marketing and one area that he hugely focused on was of Digital Marketing. He categorised the career options of Digital Marketing into:

  1. Tracking information and usage of analytics to take marketing decisions

  2. Other creative functions of writing content, creating graphics/creatives

  3. Those that involve researching and usage of technology: Search Engine Optimisation, Website Development, Keywords search

  4. Those that involve interacting and transacting on social media platforms: Social Media Marketing

He surely mentioned about Marketing Analytics as an option too. But, when asked about specific certificate courses that the students could do in Marketing Analytics along with MBA, he said that, currently they can learn it through U tube videos as well. Once they enter the Corporate world, they can pick up the skills along their way at the job.

Next, he moved on to processes. He pointed out that, planning and execution of strategies involves many steps right from market research to analysing the feedback of customers. All these functions cannot be performed by a Marketing manager alone. Thus, each step in this entire process offers an opportunity. Carrying out market research, offering customer service, designing of a product/service, planning the distribution and promotion and finally implementing the strategies planned has all these opportunities ingrained.

When it came to the aspect of People, he emphasised that interaction with customers is central to marketing. Thus, roles of Marketing Communication, Customer Service Executive, Focused Customer Group interviews and a few other aspects of marketing research come under the 'People' aspect.

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