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Gurupurab Celebration

1st January, 2020

Ms. Harsheen Kaur, Alumna

In line with our objectives of educating our students on ‘Unity amongst all religions’ and to emphasise on human values, we invited Ms. Harsheen Kaur, our alumna and a volunteer at Hollywood Gurudwara for the celebration of birth anniversary of a great hero, a great philosopher, Guru Gobind Singhji. She started with a soulful Punjabi Bhajan and then went on to explain to us the meaning of it. She then continued with enlightening us about Guru Gobind Singhji, how he inculcated basic human values in people around him and how he became a great hero in the eyes of so many. ‘Following a particular religion is an individual choice and inclusion of people from all religions is the foundation of a society’ was amongst his fundamental teachings which was enumerated by way of a story by Ms. Harsheen. We ended this celebration with another beautiful Bhajan sung for us by Ms. Harsheen Kaur.

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