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World Hindi Day

Ms. Sonali Joshi

World Hindi Day

10th January, 2022

  • SVIMS observed and celebrated world Hindi Day on 10th January 2022 with reverence and enthusiasm for our nation and our national language. With the guidance of our Director, D. B H Nanwani, the program schedule was prepared and finalized.

  • The program began with a welcome speech by Ms. Sonali Joshi wherein she welcomed all the attendees and gave a brief introduction on the importance of the day that is celebrated  nationally and internationally.

  • Dr. Divya Lakhani conducted the Speech competition with the students. It was heartening to see the students’ enthusiasm and response as they actively participated in the Speech Competition. The students were given two topics a day prior so that they could prepare their speech. The two topics given were:

  • Dr. Lakhani then conducted a game “What’s a good word” wherein the student volunteer was given a word that had to describe in actions to the other attendees. The faculty too participated in this game. The coordination on whatsapp as well as MS teams made all of us aware of the changing scenarios of participative teaching-learning.

  • The next game played was translation of English words into Hindi. All the students participated and came up with mostly correct words or synonyms for the same word.

  • Ms. Bindiya Rangwani then conducted a Hindi Dictation for the students. She enunciated each word and sentence for the students to understand the dictation better. The students were to write down at send a photo of the written paper. The judgement for the best written work was to be made on the basis of good handwriting and no/minimal spelling mistakes.

  • Ms. Sonali Joshi then played a song / video in praise of our nation and our national language – Hindi The song and its wordings reverberated through all the attendees, leaving everyone basking in the feelings of patriotism and reverence for our nation.

  • Dr. Abhijeet Kaiwade was invited to give a Vote of Thanks.  He appreciated the efforts of the faculty members and the zeal and enthusiasm with which the students participated. The program was recorded on MS teams.

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