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Tools for Digital Marketing and SEO

Dr. Abhijeet Kaiwade

Tools for Digital Marketing and SEO

19th February, 2022

The session was all about the introduction of Digital Marketing domain and the necessity of digital marketing in current competitive world and about the IT industry who are currently working in the Digital Marketing. she spoke about the concept of Marketing and Marketing of products and services using digital technologies. She also spoke about various types of Digital Marketing techniques which are currently being used by the industry to sell various types of products and services. Digital Marketing can be on-line and off-line and various methods of both the
types were covered.

She Also spoke about Analytics which is being used to maximize sales. Analytics is used to find out the potential consumers and to find out where marketing is successful and where it is failure and what are the reasons for it.

She covered all the fundamentals of analytics which is very necessary to enter the Digital Marketing world. She suggested about DM ensure that all on-site activity is being tracked. You can track activity through tools like Google Analytics and demonstrated on google analytics tools.

She also spoke about Digital marketing tools, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) should be tracked and monitored right from the outset of a campaign. At the beginning of a project, important to benchmark organic rankings for a set of approximately 30 to 50 keywords. Then monitor fluctuations in ranking over time. Also benchmark average monthly organic traffic and conversions. As well as that, it can be interesting to monitor year-on-year data to track annual trends and seasonality. Obviously, the goal of positive SEO efforts will be to improve keyword rankings,
drive more site traffic, and boost conversions.

The session was concluded with Q&A session

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