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Samvidhan Diwas

Ms. Sonali Joshi

Samvidhan Diwas

26th November, 2022

Dr. Divya Lakhani, HOD-MBA welcomed the students of MBA and MCA to ‘Samvidhan Diwas Celebration’. She emphasized the importance of Constitution Day, the significance of its celebration and commemorated the people who contributed to the development of Indian constitution. 

On this occasion, as an important part of the celebration, Dr. B H Nanwani, Director, SVIMS along with Faculty, Staff and Students read the Preamble of the Indian Constitution. The students of MBA II organized a Poster Exhibition on the theme of ‘Indian Constitution’. Dr. B H Nanwani, Director, SVIMS inaugurated the Poster Exhibition. She appreciated the efforts taken by the students to prepare the posters. 

This was followed by students of MBA II presenting the skit on Fundamental Rights given by the Indian Constitution. 

  • Group No: 1 Roll No.: 21101 to 21105 Child Labour 

  • Group No: 2 Roll No.: 21106 to 21110 Right to Education 

  • Group No.: 3 Roll No.: 21111 to 21115 Right to Freedom of Speech and Expression 

  • Group No.: 4 Roll No.: 21116 to 21120 Educational Rights and Equality 

  • Group No.: 5 Roll No.: 21121 to 21125 Right to Education 

  • Group No.: 6 Roll No: 21126 to 21130 Cultural and Educational Rights 

  • Group No.: 7 Roll No.: 21131 to 21135 Freedom of Speech and Expression 

  • Group No.: 8 Roll No.: 21136 to 21140 Right to Equality (Gender Equality) 

  • Group No.: 9 Roll No.: 21141 to 21145 Right of Equality 

  • Group No.: 10 Roll No.: 21146 to 21150 Right to Equality 

  • Group No.: 11 Roll No.: 21151 to 21155 Right to Freedom 

  • Group No.: 12 Roll No.: 21156 to 21160 Justice and Equality 

  • Group No.: 13 Roll No.: 21161 to 21164 Right to Freedom of Religion 

  • Group No.: 14 Roll No.: 21165 to 21167 Right to Equality 

The students’ performance was appreciated by one and all. The program concluded with the National Anthem.

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