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Report on Dotillism Art

Dr. Smita Iyer

Report on Dotillism Art

2nd August, 2020

Sadhu Vaswani Institute of Management Studies for Girls organized a workshop on Dotillism  in the fond memory of our Rev Founder Dada JP Vaswani’s birthday on 2nd Aug 2020.

Dotillism Art is a concept established by Elspeth McLean, an Australian artist who believes this art can bring joy to people’s life through vibrant colors and dots.

She coined the term ‘Dotillism” to describe her art as she could not fit her artwork into any existing art categories. Although she uses dots as in Pointillism, her patterns do not provide an image, it’s simply a pattern.

Ms Harshali Chandgadkar a student of MBA – II conducted an online Dotillism workshop on Zoom platofrm. The workshop was conducted for 1 hour and was attended with 70 participants, who enthusiastically drew their patterns, letting their creativity take lead.

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