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Awareness about legal right of women

Ms. Sonali Joshi

Awareness about legal right of women

5th July, 2022

The Guest Speaker was welcomed and felicitated by the students of SVIMS. In the HOD’s address, Dr. Abhijeet Kaiwade shared the aim behind conducting the event and also invited the attendees to make the best of the opportunity and ask any questions that they might have in the Open House session.

Advocate Sonawane began the session by sensitizing the women about certain legal terms and addressing myths that are society driven. She emphasized on the importance of being aware of your own assets – Stree Dhan, documents, being aware of the marital family’s income, husband’s income, property insurance etc. inorder to create their own safety net.

Women give priority to family commitments over their personal commitments. While performing their duties as a wife, a daughter, a mother or any other role, she must not ignore her own rights and needs.

Rani Ma’am further shared about Rights of women pertaining to divorce, live in relationship, being a second wife or an uninformed first wife, domestic violence from parents or relative etc.

She emphasized on the legal rights of unmarried girls / daughters. She stated that no one can throw an unmarried girl / daughter out of the house. She also added that incase there is a young girl without any living family member, she can approach any of the government shelters to support herself.

She spoke about the free legal aid and services and other provisions available at the Family court of the Local /State / High Court for harassed women. and services at FC. Rani Ma’am herself is a qualified counselor appointed with the Pune Court, Shivajinagar.

She spoke highly about the Damini Squad, Pune Chapter and recommended every women to save their number on their speed dial.

Adv Sonawane mentioned various government schemes for women such as Ujjwala Gas connection schemes, Rajiv Gandhi Niradhar Yojana, Mudra Yojana, services from State Corporation etc that are all designed to help the women in need, and to help them to become self-reliant and self-dependent.

During the Open House session, many of the attendees asked questions. One of them was regarding rights of a second wife. Rani Ma’am informed that even though there is no provision for the second wife in Family Act 1984, but under the Domestic violence Act 2005, she may get some relief incase of physical or mental harassment / assault.

She also shared about Section 375 of the Indian Penal Code that deals with rape and provisions of the same. This also covers any fraudulent statements or false promises of marriage that may result in 7 years of imprisonment and/or 5 lakhs rupees as fine.

On being asked about the hereditary rights of girls in India, she informed that a daughter is also a coparcener like a son, i.e., she has a right to the family property by birth. She inherits equally as a son in her father’s property, whether self-acquired or ancestral. The marital status of the daughter does not matter. As a wife, a Hindu female gets an equal share as her children in her husband’s property if he dies. They are Class I heirs. A mother also has a right to the property of her son.

For the question, “Two people have gotten married but not registered, still legal?” Rani Ma’am responded by giving examples of various circumstances, the documents that can work as proof such as marriage photos, marriage wedding invitation, relative testimony, priest marriage certificate etc.

Towards the end of the session, she spoke about the provisions of Domestic Violence Act 2005( . The Act covers all women who may be mother, sister, wife, widow or partners living in a shared household. The relationship may be in nature of marriage or adoption. In addition, relationships with family members living together as a joint family are also included.

Even after the session concluded, there were many women, young girls and students who approached Adv Sonawane for more guidance. She graciously answered all their queries and encouraged them to speak up for themselves, fight for their rights and trying to be relevant always.

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