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Pictures Tell Stories – A Photo Exhibition and a Drama at Sant Gadge Maharaj Vasti

14th January, 2023

Resource Person: Ms. Pratiksha Punekar, along with two trained ladies Mrs. Priyanka Nanaware and Mrs Ratna  Bala Bhairat (from Kamakhya NGO),

The event was conducted with the aim of touching upon two elements – Maanyata and  Maanavta. Being Human is an important factor in today’s societal complexities. Respect and  reverence for life seems to be lost in the race for accomplishment of materialistic goals. To  depict these elements, a photo and a poster exhibition was organized at the Vasti. It was  encouraging to see young children along with their mothers attend the event as these young  children shall grow into becoming the torch bearers of change in the society in future.   The  children and parents enjoyed the pictures put up by their wards and were further treated to  entertainment in the form of a dance session and a skit on animal rights, titled ‘Jaanwaron ki  Adalat’.   


SVIMS arranged for a workshop on cloth pad making at two schools in Undri and Pisoli area.  The names of the schools are as follows-  

● Bloomfield House of Knowledge School  

Raj Vihar Society, Sr. No – 50/2/1, Jagadamba Bhawan Road, opposite Sunshine Hills, Undri,  Pune, Maharashtra 411060  

● Mahatma Jyotirao Phule High School  

Yewalewadi, Shree Siddhivinayak Meera, Pisoli, Pune, Maharashtra 411048  

The workshop was planned with a view to create awareness about adolescent menstrual  hygiene. Ms. Sonali Joshi spoke to the young girls about periods, menstrual hygiene and the  ways to keep themselves healthy and active during 5 days. As the girls were from standard 5th  to 10th standard, a few of them were aware about periods and some of them didn’t know. What  was more surprising was that this was not even discussed at their homes; their mothers hadn’t  yet informed or shared with them about this natural phenomenon. The SVIMS faculty and the  students shared their experiences to reiterate-  

● Periods are nothing to be scared of  

● Periods are nothing to be ashamed of  

Ms. Pratiksha Punekar, along with two trained ladies Mrs. Priyanka Nanaware and Mrs Ratna  Bala Bhairat (from Kamakhya NGO), started with the workshop of making cloth pads.  

The material required for the workshop was shared with the schools two days in advance so  that the girls were ready for the workshop. The material required was Paper and pen, Scissors,  Old towel, Old Cotton cloth, Needle and thread and Buttons.  

SVIMS girls, along with the experts helped the young students to make the cloth pads. As both  the schools were Co-Ed, Ms. Asawari Nawale conducted Arts session for the boys while the  workshop for girls was in progress.  

Once the pad making workshop was over, all the students were then brought together for a  dance session by Ms. Namrata Nagpal.   

The day had been a fruitful one, giving a sense of achievement and satisfaction. It also made  us  realize that there are still places and pockets where talking about menstrual hygiene,  periods, is still cringed upon. When asked “how many girls have their periods”, there were  many who lowered their heads while raising their hands. They were asked to hold their heads  high as this is a blessing of Lord Almighty given to women.

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