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Giristhan Nagar Parishad Schools, Tapola, Mahableshwar

14th December, 2022

Resource Person: Dr Abhijeet Kaiwade, PO, NSS

A need analysis was undertaken in Giristhan Nagar Parishad Schools, Tapola, Mahableshwar  which made volunteers realise that the economically disadvantaged students missed school  owing to non-availability of winter wear – jackets.  To encourage them in their pursuit of  education, Sadhu Vaswani Mission, our Founding Body and SVIMS as a constituent of SVM  undertook a seva programme, wherein students were given winter wear and Joy kits (Savory  Packet, Toffies, Rajgira Chikki, Chocolate, Cream biscuits)   

  1. Pre-Primary School 100 students – Joy kits and Sweaters   

  2. Primary 100 Students – Joy kits and Jackets  

  3. Secondary 100 Students – Joy kits and Jackets   

Our students, Ms Sheetal Pisal narrated anecdotes from the life of Sadhu Vaswani with the  objective of imparting some moral and human values to the young students.   

Ms Sheetal Pisal and Ms Reeshita Das put up an activity of singing poems in four different  languages    

Ms Aariya Parve, Ms Mahek Shaikh had an interaction session with students and explained to  them the importance and aims of Sadhu Vaswani Mission.      

Dr Abhijeet Kaiwade, PO, NSS, and 9 student volunteers participated in the seva programme.  They were deeply impacted and developed sensitivities of understanding what is deprivation  and returned with a sense of gratitude of the bounties with which they are blessed.

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