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Breast Cancer Awareness Camp

14th March, 2019

Resource Person: Ms. Laleh Busheri

A Breast Cancer Awareness Camp was organised in association with Prashanti Cancer Care  Mission which is a well-known NGO in Pune. The CEO of Prashanti Cancer Care Mission Ms.  Laleh Busheri delivered a session on Prevention & Management of Breast Cancer. She  discussed about the rate at which Breast Cancer is increasing in India, factors responsible for  it and how it can be prevented. Her Presentation helped the students to carry out self-detection  for Breast Cancer.

The session was followed by a free clinical check- up in which students and members of the  community [Seventy in all] participated. Ms. Busheri in her kindness announced that anyone  sent by the Institute would be eligible for free sonography, mammography and genetic  counselling at Prashanti Cancer Care Foundation over the next three months.

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