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Sales Trends in Real Estate

5 August 2021

Resource Person: Mr. Rahul Gulabani

The speaker brought out some key figures about real estate. He mentioned that Real Estate is the 02nd largest employer in India and directly contributes 7% to our country’s GDP. He continued his talk saying that with the introduction of RERA, projects are advertised carefully and similarly, commitments are made diligently. After this brief introduction, he moved on to brief us about the trends in Real Estate, these are:

a. Sole selling
b. There has been a rise for properties in one’s hometown
c. Premium segment for homes has seen a rise since people are now preferring larger spaces due to work-from-home arrangements
d. Homes in sub-urban areas are being preferred over other areas
e. Large cities have been witnessing reverse migration
f. Owners of commercial spaces have been facing losses currently and this is a short-term effect
g. Ready-to-move in houses and houses near completion are being preferred over houses that will take a few years to complete

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