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Panel Discussion on Future of and Pivotal Changes in Co-Working Spaces

14 August 2021

Resource Person: Mr. Sumit Nagar – Senior Community Manager, Spring House Coworking

1. Mr. Sumit Nagar – Senior Community Manager, Spring House Coworking
2. Ms Richa Agarwal – Sr. Consulting Partner, Grey Cell
3. Mr. Niyas Muhammed – General Manager and Co working Division Head, Innerspace India
4. Ms. Malvika Singh Gaur – Founder / CEO, Cwtch India
5. Mr. Idris Bakri – Marketing Manager, Oie and Co
The discussion was led by Mr Sumit Nagar. He stated the various reasons why primarily, Start ups choose Co-working spaces.
Ms. Richa Agarwal focused on the demand of co-working spaces and a checklist for choosing Co-working Space:
1. Mode of working
2. Nature of work/business
3. Purpose and benefits from operating out of a Coworking space
Mr. Niyas Mohammed concentrated on the design and creativity aspect of the co-working space.
Ms Malvika averred that need for privacy and concentration needed to execute some piece of work may not make coworking spaces an ideal choice
Mr. Idris spoke about how a co-working space [ café co working spaces] should be safe in terms of the current pandemic situation, price of the food and beverages and “vibes” with which people come.

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