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Challenges of SHG Management During COVID 19

24 July 2021

Resource Person: Ms. Maya Shinde, Social Worker, H.O.P.E.

Ms. Maya started the session with basic introduction to SHG followed by a display of the documents that are maintained like, register, passbooks, chequebooks, etc. She shared that H.O.P.E was fully functional during COVID, and their engagements resulted in budding 20 women lead enterprises. During her talk she shared that even though COVID had put restrictions on engaging with community, they redesigned the engagements by digitally equipping women through trainings and workshop online. This resulted in smooth functioning of the SHGs resulting in profitable business for the SHG enterprises in the projects run by H.O.P.E. Though the organization faced challenges as they are belonging to private sector, the corporate engagements through CSR initiatives helped them sustain during the COVID crisis.

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