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Workshop on SPSS

24th to 28th February, 2023

Resource Person: Dr. Amod Markale

Dr. Amod Markale was the resources person for the entire 5 Day Hands on SPSS Workshop.  On the first day he explained to the participants the basics statistics concepts like Frequency, Correlation, Regression, to name a few. On the second day he explained to them the SPSS Software. He started by explaining the variable or the data sheet. With the help of a  questionnaire, he explained the various variables and how these are coded in SPSS sheet. The first assignment that he gave to the candidates was based on this learning. The third day  began with an explanation of statistical analysis which can be performed using the software.  The forth and the fifth day, the participants could get a hands on the statical analysis using  SPSS. In the second assignment, the participants were given large data, and they were  supposed to analyze the same using SPSS tools. The session concluded with a Q and A session where all the doubts of the participants were solved.

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