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Navdhara – Entrepreneurship Fest

17th December, 2022

Resource Person: B. H Nanwani, Director, SVIMS

Navdhaara – is a combination of two Sanskrit words- nav meaning new and dhaara meaning flow or stream. SVIMS has always encouraged and endeavored to develop an entrepreneurial mindset amongst its students and employees, for developing real-world skills that will help students to explore their creativity and make an exceptional career path for themselves in a rapidly changing world.

With this thought, under the guidance of our Director, the admin faculty and students planned an Entrepreneurship Fest and invited zealous entrepreneurs, big or small, to display / present their fares at the Fest stalls. The synergy in the institute on 17th December is a memory worth a lifetime.

The preparation for the event began a month in advance. The students were divided into different teams:

  • Core Coordinators

  • Finance Team

  • Marketing Team

  • Creatives Team

These teams were supervised by the faculty members under the guidance of the Director. Each student reached out to their societies, previous colleges, friends to invite people for the Fest. On 17th December, SVIMS was vibrant in a plethora of colours.

We were privileged to have the following dignitaries as our Guests for inaugural ceremony:

Dr. G H Gidwani, Director, Mira Education Society

Mr. Arvind Budhani, Director, Guru Krupa Budhani Bros Waferwaala

Mr. Sahil Bhosale, Agricultural Entrepreneur and President, Satyamev Jayate (NGO)

The event began with the inauguration of the Fest at the hands of our esteemed guests. Dr Gidwani, at the time of cutting the ribbon, gave a valuable lesson. She said that rather than cutting the ribbon let's make the ends join and complete the circle of gratitude, success and humility.

This was followed by lamp lighting and paying respects to our revered founders Sadhu TL Vaswani and Dada JP Vaswani.

Dr B. H. Nanwani, Director SVIMS, in her Director’s address elaborated on the meaning of Navdhaara. She emphasized on the importance of developing entrepreneurial mindset and shared about the endeavours of SVIMS in this direction. She congratulated the SVIMS team of faculty, admin and the students for the first Entrepreneurship Fest at SVIMS. Ma’am’s words motivated everyone. She is our beacon and is deeply respected by all. She herself is an intrapreneur where SVIMS and St. Mira’s college is concerned.

We had entrepreneurs from every walk of life:

  • A software engineer with a juice machine, testing the markets and intending to make a sustainable machine

  • Shantai Foundation: giving an opportunity to the residents of the vasti to present their savouries and handicrafts

  • Two daughters helping their father sustain the family business of about 45 years into stone sculpting and pottery making

  • Two friends who envisage to bring the sarees back as couture.

  • Our own students who put up food stalls and showed their entrepreneurial spirit in action.

  • Agricultural entrepreneurs

  • There were 45 stalls and 250 people visited the Fest.

Music, good food, creativity corners, discussion groups and connecting with the small scale to medium scale innovative people made the day a successful one for the attendees as well as the participants.

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