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National Startup Day

16th January, 2023

Resource Person: Mr. Shashikant Kumbhar, Sr. Project Officer, MCED

Mr. Shashikant Kumbhar, Sr. Project Officer, MCED, began the session with gauging the entrepreneurial know-how of the students who were attending the session. He was impressed to know that some of them were from a background of family business, some were influencers, and some had also worked as freelancers. However, when it came to the question of becoming a dedicated entrepreneur, there were not many enthusiasts.

He then spoke about the need for developing an entrepreneurial mindset. Women entrepreneurs today are not just a byproduct but are the demand of global business market. Mr. Kumbhar touched upon the need to be driven, to be self-motivated to learn something new and while on that journey, increase the risk appetite. He urged the students to explore their own talents as each one of them then shall find an entrepreneurial opportunity in self-exploration.

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