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Course Work on Research Methodology

10th to 20th October, 2022

Resource Person: Dr. B.H. Nanwani, Director SVIMS
Dr. Parag Kalkar, Hon. Dean, Faculty of Management and Commerce and Director SBS.

PhD Coursework was conducted at SVIMS from 10th to 20thOctober 2022. The participants were PhD Scholars and PhD aspirants from Research Centres and Institutes in Pune.

The PhD Coursework was inaugurated by Dr. B.H. Nanwani, Director SVIMS and Dr. Parag Kalkar, Hon. Dean, Faculty of Management and Commerce and Director SBS. Dr. Nanwani and Dr. Kalkar set the platform with their inputs and expectations from the research scholars. More than 25 experts from TISS, SPPU, MMK College and IDOL College, Mumbai, and various B-Schools in and around Pune City were invited to enlighten the participants, for the next 10 days, on various topics on Research Methodology. The sessions started with theoretical explanations such as introduction to Research Paradigms. Following the theoretical basics, the participants could learn more on objectives, hypothesis formulation and hypothesis testing. Sampling Methods and Statistical techniques were dealt by the experts by taking live examples and data, so that the participants could get a hands-on-experience on deciding the appropriate sample and sampling techniques as well as the statistical method and tools.

The participants were exposed to developing questionnaire using ProQuest, which could be useful in their respective research. The research scholars learned about plagiarism, research ethics, do’s and dont’s, so that their research documents are free from plagiarized content.

Finally, the experts demonstrated how to find authentic journals and gave them more inputs on writing and publication of research papers and thesis. The feedback given by the candidates on the valedictory session showed that they were very happy with all the sessions and that they could apply the learning, during their course of research journey. One of the candidates suggested that the coursework should be conducted before the finalization of the topic of PhD. The coursework was concluded with the Vote of Thanks during the Valedictory Function.

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