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State Level Workshop on Innovation and Incubation: Fostering Entrepreneurship in Higher
Education 2020

28th Feb 2020

Dr. B.H. Nanwani ,Ganesh Vandana & Lamp Lightening,Ms. Bindiya Rangwani

Day 1: 28th February
Registration for our State Level Workshop “Innovation and Incubation: Fostering Entrepreneurship in Higher Education 2020 “started at 10 AM. Inauguration of conference was done by Dr. B.H. Nanwani ma’am, our esteemed Director-SVIMS. We started with enthusiastically with National Anthem, Ganesh Vandana & Lamp Lightening. Dr. B.H. Nanwani gave the opening speech. Ms. Bindiya Rangwani introduced the guests throughoutthe workshop.

Our first guest speaker was Mr Ashok Pattaar, Trainer and Academician, who enlightened us on topic “Innovation and Entrepreneurship”. He started with detailing about an Italian innovation called ‘Capsula Mundi’ in which biodegradable burial pod turns buried body into a tree. The situation of current situation of innovation in India was done as ‘Let’s face the reality’. He stressed on attitude building for better perspective to look at innovation & entrepreneurship to change the scenario of inflated grades & deflated education. There should always be an urge for value addition & to have more. He further spoke about architectural, incremental, radical & disruptive innovation of innovation; concepts of Frugal Innovation & Jugaad were also mentioned.

Our second guest speaker for the day was Dr Santosh Lomate, Principal- Pratishtan enlightened the audience on the topic “Innovation in Agro Business”. He shared his vast experience & knowledge about organic farming, earthworm fertilizers, sericulture & how these are good income generators too. He discussed manpower issues in terms of availability & skills. He also talked about the importance of time management in agriculture.

Our third guest speaker for the day was Dr Prashant Shingre, Director- Vertiv who shared “His experience on entrepreneurship at Vertiv”. He narrated that how having indirect channel partners became a win-win solution for his company. He detailed out entrepreneurship plan for aspirational audience & covered points like customer selection, product, financing, resources, operational plan, and working capital requirements. He explained importance of continuous learning & patience in entrepreneurship.

Our fourth guest speaker for the day was Mr Anil Gupte, Serial Entrepreneur who started with an interesting conversation about requirements of start-ups. Importance of need recognition & generation of an executable idea is important. He encouraged the idea of lean start-up & very lean start-up. He also shared details of his latest product innovation, covering need, idea to final product stage.

Our fifth guest speaker for the day was Mr. Vivek Kanade , COO- Entrepreneur Development Programme at KUL, who talked about “Entrepreneur Development Program” & incubation facility. He shared his experiences at length about product identification, market research, product finalization, standardization, business plan, project report, resource mobilization & also emphasized on business validation, capital & cash flow analysis. He also imparted knowledge about 5-S of workplace organization, namely; Sort, Store, Shine, Standardize & Sustain.

Day 2: 29th February
Our first guest speaker for the day was Dr. Bharti Dole, Academician & IPR Consultant who educated audience about concept, need & importance of IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) & also helped the audience to distinguish between patent, IPR, copyright, trademark etcetera. She gave few examples of patented technologies & how they helped businesses to grow. On the other side, she also shared about ‘Karaoke’ machine technology not being patented & how everyone else made huge profits except the innovator. She concluded with an insightful tip about how to find expired patents & use it as entrepreneur.

Our second speakers for the day was Mr. Amit Sharma & Jabbar Sheikh, Bank of Maharshtra & they spoke about “Banking & Government schemes” for funding entrepreneurs. They shared in detail about Mudra Yojna & other central schemes with details of funding towards SMEs, MSMEs. Many queries regarding service business start-up, bank guarantee, funding limits, eligibility etc. were resolved.

Our third speaker for the day was Mr. Shrikant Mandle, Program Officer Maharashtra Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (MCED), Pune. He elucidated state governments funding schemes for entrepreneurs, seed money provisions, training programs, different limits for SMEs, MSMEs & service companies. He stressed on eradicating the fear of government processes & explained required documents & eligibility in detail which was very useful.

 Lastly, our esteemed guest Dr Parag Kalkar, Dean- Commerce and Management (SPPU-Pune), chaired the valedictory function & addressed the audience on “Role of SPP as Innovation and Incubation center”. He enthralled the audience with his remarkable speech. He advised to up the ante to be relevant in today’s business scenario with calculated risk. His examples thought provoking analyses about money making business around us were impressive. After this Ms. Shruti Sharma bestowed Vote of Thanks & this marked the end of workshop.

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