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Vigilance Awareness Week: Independent India @75: Self Reliance With

26 October – 01 Novemebr 2022


Event Type
Faculty and Student Driven Activity
26th October to 01 November 2022
Microsoft Teams; SVIMS
In a move towards commemorating 75 years of India's Independence which falls on August 15, 2022, Central Vigilance Commission in carrying out its duty as the apex' anticorruption body in the country, reaffirms its resolve to fight corruption and ensure integrity in public life to usher in a new era of a self-reliant India. In recognition of this momentous stage in India's journey, the Commission decided that this year Vigilance Awareness Week would be observed with the theme "Independent India@75: Self Reliance with
Observance of Vigilance Awareness Week is one of the tools to bring together all stakeholders to collectively participate in the prevention of, and the fight against corruption and to raise public awareness regarding the existence, causes and gravity of and the threat posed by corruption.
In accordance with the directives of Ministry of Education, Government of India and AICTE, SVIMS observed the Vigilance Awareness Week at the Institute hosting different activities to commemorate the theme of 'Independent India @ 75: Self Reliance and Integrity'. Under the guidance and leadership of our Director, Dr B H Nanwani, faculty, staff and students
participated in the programs with full zeal and enthusiasm.
26th October 2021
Integrity Pledge - Organization and Individual
27th October 2021
28th October 2021
E-Poster and Chart Making Competition
Rangoli participation by residents of Gadge Maharaj Vasti
29th October 2021
Video of Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi played on
30th October 2021
31st October 2021
Poetry Competition
Quiz on Independent India@75: Self Reliance with Integrity
1st November
Online Nautanki on “College Admissions” by Faculty and Students, SVIMS
On 26th October 2021, the Vigilance Awareness Week commenced with the Integrity Pledge being taken by the Director, Faculty and Staff together as an Organization. The students took the pledge online on and proudly shared their certificates. SVIMS also invited the faculty and students of Trinity Institute of Management and Research, Pune, under the aegis of their MOU, to participate in the event. The students were invited to participate in E-Poster and Chart Competition in line with the theme of the program on 27th October 2021.
On 28th October 2021, the residents of Gadge Maharaj Vasti were invited to participate in Rangoli Making. They were apprised about the importance of the week and the purpose of the activity undertaken by the Ministry of Education. We asked them to make rangoli with their family members to observe the
theme of the event and share the pictures with us. Our Prime Minster Shri Narendra Modi is a visionary with all his efforts towards making India a better country in all aspects. His policies are aimed at eradication of evils of society at their root, such as corruption. As a mark of respect, his address to the nation on anti-corruption was played for faculty, students and staff on 29th October 2021. On 30th October 2021 the students were invited to participate in Poetry Competition in accordance with the theme "Independent India@75: Self Reliance with Integrity". The students mostly wrote about women empowerment and its much required place in our socio-political scenario. On 31st October, a quiz link was shared with the students of SVIMS, Sadhu Vaswani Nursing College and Trinity Institute of Management and Research,
Pune. The online quiz had questions related to the theme and India’s 75 years of Independence.
Keeping in line with the theme of the program, the faculty and students came together and presented an Online Nautanki – a short video on corruption during college admissions - which was played for the students and also shared on Facebook.
With the support and guidance of Dr. BH Nanwani (Director, SVIMS) and Dr. Abhijeet Kaiwade (HOD), the Vigilance Awareness Week was completed successfully. The students were much inspired and also participated in the events whole heartedly. INTEGRITY PLEDGE AT SVIMS

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