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Game of Talks: National Level Debate Competition

26 July 2021[ Virtual on Microsoft Teams]

Judges: Ms. Nancy Shah and Mr. Imran Mohammed.

The Debate Topic: “Corporates are Emotionally Barren.” Our Judges for the Debate Round were: Ms. Nancy Shah and Mr. Imran Mohammed.
The 1st Round started at 10:15 am. Assessors and Participants were asked to join their respective Breakout Rooms for the 1st Round.
Our Panel of Assessors were: Ms Dhairya Gangwani, Ms Preeti Sakhre, Ms Shrutika Joshi, Ms Vagisha Arora, Mr Darshit Parikh.

Once all the GD Rounds were done, top 18 participants were chosen for the QnA Round. For the QnA Round, 2 participants were to go up against each other, from that 9 participants each were selected as top 9.

From the 9 participants, depending upon their individual Group Discussion Marks and the Percentage of votes received, top 4 Finalists were chosen. Top 4 Finalists were: Ms. Prerana M, Ms. Sakshi Tyagi,Ms. Urja Mishra, Mr. Suhas Hydur. Ms Urja Mishra and Ms. Prerana M stood FOR the topic whilst Mr. Suhas Hydur and Ms. Sakshi Tyagi stood AGAINST the topic. The Round took place for 1hour 30 minutes. The Winner and Runner Up of the National Level Debate Competition was Ms. Urja Mishra – Winner and Mr. Suhas Hydur – Runner Up.

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