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Workshop on Case Writing

15th April and 20th May, 2023

Dr. Ketan Gandhi an alumnus of IIMA, Founder of KG Guruji and a Consultant to businesses conducted the workshop on case writing.

The workshop was conducted on two days: 15th April and 20th May 2023. The gap of almost a month was given to the faculty members to develop their own cases and teaching notes.


In the first session Dr Ketan Gandhi explained what cases are and their importance as a teaching aid. He also explained that case study methodology is an interactive method of teaching which involves teamwork and exchange of ideas and thoughts amongst the participants. This helps the participants to look at a particular topic or problem from various perspectives. He also guided the faculty members on how to write a case. He explained that writing a case study involves deciding a topic for the case, researching on the topic, collecting material for case writing, and then developing the case. He said that cases should have a very attractive title and writing style which would attract the attention of the readers/ students and motivate them to read and solve the case. He explained various important points like, case writing types, use of storytelling in case writing, having a protagonist in the cases, etc. o make the cases interesting to read and solve.

The second session conducted on 20th May 2023 focused on the reflection of the faculty members on their case writing journey. Faculty members shared their experiences like satisfaction level increasing, difficulty in getting material, challenges of choosing a topic and many more. Further Ketan Sir explained in detail about finalizing the cases and developing a teaching note. He also explained the various requirements of publishing the cases. He mentioned many sites like Case Center, IIMs, Journals etc. where faculty members could publish their cases. After a brief Q&A  and Thank you note the workshop was concluded.

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