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Staff Development Programme Use of Interactive Panel

31st December, 2022

As educational institutions around the world embark on the journey of digital transformation, adding an interactive flat panel in the classroom gives us an edge over institutions who are still using the traditional teaching methods.

Interactive flat panels are smart tech devices that replace the traditional chalkboard or whiteboard. They can be used to enhance the educational experience for both students and teachers. SVIMS incurred a CAPEX by acquiring 86 inch

Interactive Panel from Promethean World Ltd. It was conducted by Mr. Sanjeev Devnani, General Manager, Almoe Digital Solutions Pvt Ltd.

He demonstrated the use of Whiteboard, Annotation, splitting the screen into two (one for sharing the pdf of the textbook and the other for sharing audio and video content/Whiteboard, etc.), saving the teaching content to create a library resource, amongst others. Most of the teaching tools explained by him were helpful with an ease of use for all the subjects for the teaching-learning process.

A follow up session will be exclusively conducted for a detailed demonstration.

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