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Insurance and NPS: Security for your Future

15th June, 2021

Resource Persons: Mr. Suresh Gaikwad Manager (ADM cadre) Chief Life Insurance Adviser

Mr. Gaikwad and Raykar started their session by explaining various types of insurance policies and importance of insurance in an individual’s life. Further, both of them illustrated how an individual’s insurance value is derived with few examples. Both the speakers stressed on below points that one should consider before purchasing an Insurance policy:

  1. Objective of buying an Insurance policy

  2. Terms and conditions of the policy

  3. Financial Budget for purchasing policy

  4. Insurance coverage one requires.

  5. Reputation and image of the insurance company


Mr. Jaffar briefed the participants on NPS (National Pension System) introduced by the Central Government for citizens of India between the ages of 18 and 65. He also explained how NPS is helpful to an individual to create a retirement fund and thus secure their retirement.

All the speakers highlighted the importance of early investment to get future benefits.

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