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Fire Safety Training

28th October, 2021

Mr. Nazim Deshmukh, Fire Auditor, Rapid City Sales and Services, Pune

Mr. Nazim Deshmukh trained us on fire safety and explained that Fire is a self-sustaining, chemical chain reaction with varying degrees of light and heat. Fire is made up of four components Fuel, Oxygen, Heat and Chemical Chain Reaction. He explained that upon noticing a fire resort to the 3 A’s – Activate, Assist and Attempt. 

Attempt to fight a fire only after the first two steps have been completed and upon gaining confidence. He advised that one’s back should always be against some exit mechanism so as to escape when the need arises.  Never attempt to fight a fire if there is a heavy smoke condition. Smoke can be extremely toxic and will reduce your visibility. Only fight small fires, no larger than the size of a small waste basket. Small fires will grow big very fast. Employees should take the time to learn the nearby locations of the fire extinguishers in their workplace. 

Fire Extinguisher Use – Use the acronym PASS to remember how to use a fire extinguisher. 

  • P – Pull 

  • A – Aim 

  • S – Squeeze 

  • S – Sweep 

He also demonstrated the use of fire extinguishers in a real small fire situation. 

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