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How Women Can Leverage Diversity and Inclusion

Resource Person: Mr. Jiigar Jhaverri

How Women Can Leverage Diversity and Inclusion

Mr. Jiigar Jhaverri started with explaining the segment of Revenue Generation and how this segment offers various career opportunities. The 1st career option he spoke about was Investment Banking and what portfolio options are available in form of Equities, Derivatives, Futures and Options, Foreign currency, and Fixed asset options. He went on to speak about wealth management and asset management subsequently. He specifically said that "someone who wants to enter Investment Banking needs to have a hang of the market, deep study and research of the companies." At this point, he also briefly mentioned about job opportunities in Technical Analysis.

While he was answering the questions from viewers, he spoke about dignity of labour for jobs in Sales. He said that "Starting you career with a Sales profile does not mean you are not doing well, or it is not a dignified job. If job roles into Sales, Business development, Customer service are being offered by the industry then one needs to find out what excites her and take an opportunity accordingly." One advice that he gave to all the students was to learn from every interview whether selected in that interview or not and skill yourself to fill up the gap identified by means of attempting that interview.

The last segment of his talk was about diversity and inclusion. In his opinion, managers must create a culture of inclusion and diversity in the organisation. Diversity does not mean only gender diversity, it also includes aspects of ethnicity, inclusion of LGBTQ, specially abled community. Since, all the managers across now have targets for diversity and inclusion, women now have more options to take up career opportunities that help her to manage responsibilities as a wife, mother, sister, or daughter. Part-time job opportunities, work-from-home opportunities, going in for a sabbatical and restarting the career is now possible with the initiatives under diversity being welcomed with open arms.

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