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Broad Views on Careers in HR

Resource Person: Mr. Pranam Kundap, HRBP at MediaMint

Broad Views on Careers in HR

Mr. Pranam Kundap, HRBP at MediaMint gave our students an overview of job opportunities in the following functions of HR:

  1. Talent Acquisition

  2. Employee Engagement

  3. Payroll and Compensation

  4. Learning and Development

  5. Performance Management

Some of the vital points he put down are:

  • The new role of an HR manager as HR Business Partner calls for more ownership and  playing a larger role in synergistic and contributing to all the other functions.

  • Employee Engagement does not just consist of celebrating festivals by way of activities, it has a larger scope. Employee Engagement is now seen as means to achieve the end result of a good Employee Branding.

  • Thus, Employee Branding is now considered as a niche area and has career opportunities starting with opportunities in large MNCs and slowly trickling down to other organisations as well.

  • He strongly suggested that at least HR students complete a certificate course in Payroll and Compensation. This vertical opens a lot of doors for HR students to start their careers.

  • The function of Learning and Development he said requires some years of experience and expertise to build upon as a career but, the students can join as a coordinator or as an assistant in this funtion when starting this career.

  • Working remotely as a freelance recruiter is also an option that HR students can look at.

Mr. Kundap thus gave a bird's eye view on options available to freshers in the HR domain.

Facebook link of the session :

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